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Apartments in Sicilì - Morigerati - Tourism in Salerno, Culture and Nature in Cilento National Park

Sicilì lies on the slopes of the green hills of Mount Mamino, a little more than 200 meters along the middle valley of Bussento river.
Thanks to its geographic position and the mild climate, the village has fertile fields and welcomes guests to linger just a little more at its central square.
Small streets, which are still partially stone-flagged, lead from the square all over the village.
Although little is known about its origins, Sicilì surely was an important centre as early as in the XVI century when it became the place of residence for the De Stefano family, owner of the feudal tenure until the beginning of 19th century.
In the XVI century, this noble family arranged for the construction of the church Chiesa dell'Annunziata built on the location of an antique Italian Greek aedicule and dedicated to San Teodoro.
Sicilì is not only a production centre for exquisite extra virgin olive oil but also known for big breeding, sheep breeding and cultivating white fig trees from Cilento.
The latter has been known since 3000 A.C. in Babylon and became part of the Mediterranean culture for its quality.
As a characteristic product of the province and typical product for Cilento region, it lays claim on a cultivation and traditional production that is handed on from one generation to the next.
The white fig tree of Cilento got its name because of its characteristics and is currently proposed to the European Union as DOP product.
Its fruit is somewhat sweet with green-yellowish skin and is can be used in a variety of dishes thanks to its versatility and caloric value.
You can eat it fresh during harvest season (summer - fall) as well as sweet dried fruit covered with almonds or chocolate.
The cultivation of the fig tree is particularly diffused in the province of Salerno: the farms of Cilento region with its white fig tree supplies approximately 100,000 quintals of the dried product.
Cultivated on the sunny and fertile lands of Cilento region, the white fig tree stands out for its quality, flavour, and high nutritional value.

Enrico Nicodemo alias Demò, owner.
As hosts of our apartments, you will have the privilege to admire the works of Enrico Nicodemo, artist of oil and acrylic paintings as well as palette knife paintings.

We advise you to subscribe to his Youtube channel to see him realizing his works live. | The artwork live (video)

Events in the Cilento and surroundings

Events in the Cilento and surroundings

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